Dem state sen. charged with theft, but she “can still serve with the same integrity”


Tennessee state senator Katrina Robinson – a Democrat — was charged with swindling $600,000 in federal funds to pay for her wedding and finance a lavish lifestyle, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

She allegedly committed crimes from 2015 to 2019.

The money was slated for The Healthcare Institute, which she directed.

The taxpayer dollars paid for her wedding, her honeymoon, and legal fees for her divorce. And she paid for her daughter’s Jeep, home improvements, and a$500 Louis Vuitton handbag. And she invested in a snow cone business run by her children.

Robinson was charged with theft, embezzlement and wire fraud.

But don’t worry about her, she will continue to serve in the state legislature “with the same integrity, the same passion that I’ve demonstrated since you’ve elected me to this office.”

“It is believed that if I were not in the position that I’m in, that if I did not champion the voices, the views and the faces that I represent, that I would not be in this moment right now,” Robinson said.

She “would not be in this moment right now” if she didn’t steal, embezzle and commit fraud.

Tennessee’s state Senate Democratic Caucus said in a statement Robinson’s legislative work “is not in question” and she “deserves the presumption of innocence and due process.”

Of course not.

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