Dem Twitter users freely spread fake news


Twitter is deleting accounts and tweets days before the election, and they all seem to be right-wing. Dr. Scott Atlas, a member of the White House COV team, posted his opinion about masks, and Twitter deleted the tweet. The New York Post still can’t use their account, and all posts about Hunter’s laptop were deleted the day the news came out.

Yet, Democrat Twitter users freely spread fake news and it’s still up on Twitter. How strange. Why do you think that is?


As the President spoke to Arizonans at a rally this afternoon, Vox reporter  Aaron Rupar posted a clip of the President giving an example of Quid Pro Quo. He falsely made it seem as if the President offered Quid Pro Quo to Exxon. In actuality, he was giving a hypothetical example that he said he wouldn’t do.

Others jumped on it and the lie is still spreading.

The tweets are still up. Twitter has no problem with them.

Here are dishonest clips that Twitter allowed to trend:

Crazy Ted Lieu lies as well:


As Legal Insurrection reported, a leftist tweeter sent a fake letter around that falsely claimed Iowa Senator Joni Ernst lost the Farm Bureau support. Many retweeted it since it was incendiary. Damage is done and the user got away with it.

The Iowa Farm Bureau quickly responded to the fake email. She has their full support. They wrote:

Recently, a fake email has been circulating through social media that Senator Ernst no longer has the support of Iowa Farm Bureau or our members. This email is fake, and any news reports that speak to its validity are false. Iowa farmers know Senator Joni Ernst understands agriculture and works tirelessly to increase the economic opportunities for Iowa farmers and rural America, and that is why the Iowa Farm Bureau was proud to designate her as a Friend of Agriculture. She continues to have our full support.

Legal Insurrection states that the woman who posted the fake email — Julie Gammack — did delete it after it traveled around the Twitterverse. She sent it without verifying it and then defended herself by knocking the senator and others on the right. She was ticked that people called her on it. How dare you question these elitists.

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