Dem USA: Whites as Psycho Rapists of Blacks to a DEI Pentagon


To launch Black History Month, a virulent racist named Dante King called white people psychopaths and said they have a rape culture against black women. There is no evidence for his rant, but it is so insane that facts are hardly relevant. It’s hate for hate’s sake, and it doesn’t need facts. This type of racism is extremely dangerous, and it violates everything America stands for. This isn’t just one crackpot. It is an ideology put forward by DEI.

Dante King, hatemongering racist.

Jonathan Turley picked the story up and wrote that the University of California (San Francisco) is under fire this week after hosting a racist speaker who attacked white people as psychopaths and claimed that black women can be legally raped.


A conservative campus group posted clips from the event in which author Dante King lambasted the United States and its institutions as racist and maintaining a white “rape culture is prevalent.


DEI, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ideology is extremely dangerous, and it is now part of our educational systems, government institutions, and our media. It is Marxist-based and is part of a global effort to turn the United States into a Marxist country.

CBS News just hired a Marxist-woke president, and she freely ignores whites in hiring and promotions.

The left is dividing us along every possible line, and they have us hating one another.

DEI could also be irrevocably infused into the Pentagon more than it already is. If Secretary Austin leaves his position, given his health challenges, Dr. Kathleen Hicks will step into the role.

Hicks is believed to be woke and deep state. With this mindset, strategy, plans, and policy will be set.

One of Hick’s plans is to cut the military’s carbon footprint by using EVS and hybrid fuels. She will have them go to the great expense of building, charging stations, and electric grids, putting our national security in danger if man-made or weather-related events interfere with their use.

She also believes in mandatory DEI indoctrination. During Pride Month, she gave a speech promoting the ideology. She will make DEI education mandatory. This runs counter to our Constitution, and the two cannot co-exist.

You can read more of this from Bob Bishop on this link.

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