Dem warns if Biden’s budget blowout fails, it will set back the Left for decades


Democrat Steve Rattner, Willett Advisors LLC, and former U.S. Treasury auto industry advisor says if Biden’s budget blowout [$6 trillion] fails, it will set back progressives “decades.”

It will do more than that. It will destroy the dollar and the economy. We know the answer now, it will fail.

The one thing that struck me is Rattner said the tax increases are “popular.” What in this world is wrong with people? Popular? People want to give more of their money to the government to waste? This isn’t an increase of taxes for the rich alone. It all filters down to the middle class and even lower. The rich will hide their money. We’ve been here before. This is what will happen.

Trump’s tax breaks helped everyone. Cutting them is an immediate increase in taxes for Obamacare and other Progressive/socialist agenda items.


All we have to ward off certain disaster is Joe Manchin. Relying on him is concerning. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) expressed concern about President Biden’s massive proposals to restructure health care, child care, education, and infrastructure in the wake of the pandemic, he told CNN on Thursday.

“Oh, most certainly. I am, and I want to see the details,” Manchin told CNN, when asked if he is worried about the president’s extensive plans.

He does want to cancel Trump’s tax cuts even though they gave us a booming economy. Manchin says he won’t end the filibuster and doesn’t agree with reconciliation. Manchin is a fake moderate and rarely goes against the Party after expressing his concerns. Let’s hope he means it this time.

He appears to be our only hope.



  1. Not only will the 6 Trillion fail the ChiComcrats will double down and and destroy the economy just as their ChiCom masters have ordered them to do.

  2. We don’t have “decades”. Yeshua is coming back on Yom Teruah 2028. Immediately after that the Earth will be consumed by fire, then regenerated for the millennial reign. Before Sukkot 2028, all of your Earthly problems will be over.

  3. Tax increases on the rich are popular. The trouble is that don’t tell people that they think $10,000 a year is rich and above $1,000,000 a year is too dangerous for Politicians to tax because that’s what their big donor’s make.

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