Demands for a Global Tax on Wealthy Nations for Fossil Fuel Use & Flying


The Great Reset and the Demand for a Global Tax

for a Massive Wealth Redistribution


The Guardian reports that poor nations demand the UN consider a global tax for “climate-related and justice-based” tax on big fossil fuel users and air travel. The Left is not fond of air travel, except for the elite. The same goes for sea travel.

We don’t need planes. We could buy flying hoverboards

The poor countries, probably with much encouragement from the Davos crowd, demand the richest countries (the US) fork over taxes for using fossil fuels and flying and their allegedly irrecoverable losses.

The idea is wealthy nations, especially the US, cause the climate to change. We also give them billions in aid and other assistance.

Some of the world’s most vulnerable countries have prepared a paper with the demands for discussion this week at the UN general assembly.

“The funds could be raised by a global carbon tax, a tax on airline travel, a levy on the heavily polluting and carbon-intensive bunker fuels used by ships, adding taxes to fossil fuel extraction, or a tax on financial transactions,” says the Guardian.

It’s more massive wealth redistribution. Obama-Biden Democrats will love it.

They want the tax money to go through the world’s development banks, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the private sector.

The word ‘corruption’ comes to mind.

This comes as so-called rich nations don’t have fuel for winter, are suffering from inflation, and are getting deep into debt.

Maybe we can give them tax money if we stop all the free money we send them.

We already have a global tax on US corporations, but the demands will keep coming.

Joe Biden, the America Last president, who is compromised by the Chinese Communists, agreed to a 15% minimum global tax in June 2021 amid talks of exemptions for China. They also talked about exemptions for certain corporations [ESG Companies?]

Janet Yellen said at the time that it would go much higher.

The goal is allegedly to keep companies from moving to countries with lower tax rates. The problem is this inefficient form of taxation will pass down to consumers and employees. It certainly is an incentive for countries outside of the G7 to offer even better tax rates.

It’s a globalist, America Last trading policy.

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