Trans Runs Over a Man 2x, Kisses Him, Then Stabs Him 9 Times


On May 3rd, transgender Karon Fisher, 20, ran over a 64-year-old man going to get his mail. She then backed up and ran over him again. She wasn’t done. She walked over to him, straddled him, kissed him, then stabbed him nine times. He died from the stabbing.

This was in broad daylight on a Texas street. It left witnesses who came to his aid traumatized. One couldn’t talk about it, and another couldn’t get back to work yet.

Fisher was described as a man and a woman.

Records show Fisher was on community supervision for five years for evading arrest in 2023. Records show Fisher was also charged with prostitution in 2021, but the case was later dismissed.

She/he was also charged with assaulting a staff member at the hospital on the same day as the murder.

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