Democrat Icon Lev Parnas Was Ejected from the Senate


Lev Parnas, the grifter who is under indictment for federal felonies, was invited to attend the Senate impeachment trial on Wednesday. He is the Democrat’s latest star since he shared a four-month-old phone call with no relevance. Democrats think it somehow indicts the President.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer invited Parnas to the Senate as his guest. Unfortunately, electronics of any kind are banned from the chamber. Lev has an ankle bracelet while out on parole so he can’t escape, flee the country.

He was denied entrance to the Senate over his ankle bracelet.

There is such irony in a potential criminal, who is a Democrat star, attempting to attend the impeachment trial to say the President is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Republicans were surprised that Schumer would invite a man under indictment for multiple felonies.

Here is Lev with his army of groupies making his way to court.

He did say he planned to make news. He claims most of the President’s cabinet and supporters all knew about alleged quid pro quo but he never presents proof.

And here he is as he is blocked from entering the Senate chamber.

The Democrat star can’t get in because he’s wearing an ankle bracelet and facing prison for criminal behavior.

As Senator Cruz hashtagged, you “can’t make this stuff up.”

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