Pam Bondi’s Biden Expose Blacked Out on ABC, CBS, NBC


The latest in media malpractice is the news that the three major networks blacked out much of Pam Bondi’s testimony in the impeachment trial. Bondi is important because she exposed the seeming corruption by the Bidens.

The President called the MSM, Death Valley TV.

Although President Trump was criticized for calling Schiff and Schumer names, they are apt appellations. The President was vilified for days and he deserves the opportunity to return the favor.

On Monday, Trump’s attorneys had their chance to defend the President and the Constitution.

ABC, CBS, and NBC News all preempted regular programming last week to cover Democratic House impeachment managers’ case against the president. However, they didn’t air all of Trump’s attorney Pam Bondi’s defense on Monday.

The Floridian wrote, Pam Bondi’s impeachment argument blacked out by 3 major networks.

The media is not only boring, but it’s also completely corrupt. They know what they are doing, obviously. Her testimony to the Biden corruption was very revealing.

One caveat, it is possible that their viewers don’t care to hear the President’s defense and they do want to keep those ratings up.

Democrats weaponized impeachment and their allies in the media might be covering up the defense. The corruption of the Bidens is a significant part of the President’s defense. Bondi showed they needed to be investigated.

Paul Sperry wrote about the blackout on Twitter:

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