Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries Issues a Statement on Israel


Leader Jeffries issued a statement on the explosion at Al Ahli hospital.

“Earlier today, I received a high-level briefing about the catastrophic explosion at the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza. Based on the information that I have reviewed, it is apparent that the hospital explosion was not caused by a missile fired in Israel. Rather, the explosion was likely the result of an errant Islamic Jihad rocket. The misinformation propagated by Hamas is recklessly exacerbating unrest in the region and throughout the world. It is important that the dissemination of misinformation cease and assist during this extremely volatile time.”

Democrat senator John Fetterman came out a couple of days ago and said that the missile likely came from Gaza.

I appreciate that they are telling the truth, but it took too long, and too many people immediately repeated Hamas propaganda, ignoring the Israeli denial. It would be nice if Rep. Tlaib and her Squad friends would issue an apology for all their damaging rhetoric.

In the clip below, you can hear the recording of the Gazan terrorists discussing the errant missile.

Ukraine’s Artillery to Israel

In more news today, Axios claims that the Pentagon planned to send Israel tens of thousands of artillery shells designated for Ukraine from emergency stocks several months ago. This information came from three anonymous Israeli officials.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israeli Ministry of Defense told their US counterparts they urgently need artillery shells to prepare for a ground invasion in Gaza and a potential exit escalation of the war by Hezbollah along the Israel-Lebanon border, Israeli officials say.

U.S. officials suggest this won’t affect Ukraine’s ability to fight Russian troops.

It does bring up the question of whether the US can handle the Israel-Hamas war.

I don’t want the US involved in wars. We don’t have money, and we have incompetent people in charge. The risks are exponentially growing. The war we need to fight first is on our border, with cartels in charge and unvetted people pouring across.

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