Mayorkas Breaks Immigration Law Again, Circumvents Congress


Opinion in this article

DHS Secretary Mayorkas will help illegal aliens from Ecuador ignore all caps on chain migration into American communities, jobs, and housing.

If you thought citizenship meant anything, it no longer does.

Mayorkas, born in Castro’s Communist Cuba, said it would protect Ecuadorians from coyotes.

Any excuse works to open our borders to everyone in the world and violate all our immigration laws. After the Left breaks our immigration laws, circumventing Congress, they turn around and say our immigration laws are broken.

Mayorkas said his policies are driven by equity, which is now a Marxist ideology.

He issued a statement saying, “Establishing this process for certain Ecuadorian nationals will ensure more families can access lawful pathways rather than placing themselves at the mercy of smugglers to make the dangerous journey.”

In 2023 alone, roughly 50,000 Ecuadorians have traveled through the jungle into Central America to the United States.

In the end,  there will be no United States, just a tribal, borderless, crime-ridden land. You’re watching the destruction of the US while Democrats push it into the abyss and Republicans focus on petty disputes.

Another parole program:

We also have another parole program, which is euphemistically called the family reunification program. They have two sponsorship initiatives for thousands of Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans come, and Ukrainians. They’re being paroled. In other words, they’ll be here forever. They enter through a phone app, and they get to stay. There’s really no vetting. And nobody is ever deported.


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