Democrat Plan to Imprison Mr. Trump or Drive Him to His Grave



While evidence pours in against the Biden crime family, the DOJ is targeting Donald Trump with new charges of obstructing Congress, conspiracy, obstruction or tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant, and civil rights violations.

They could also go conjure up a “fake electors” case, as Michigan did on Tuesday to 16 top state Republicans. They always have fundraising fraud and seditious conspiracy in their toolkit.

The fake elector’s case came Tuesday, and Trump got his target letter on Sunday night. Trump is already “in trouble” for the allegedly classified documents. That case is in Florida.

Right now, they’re looking at J6. Donald Trump told everyone to march peacefully and patriotically, but he allegedly didn’t try to stop it fast enough. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was in charge of Capitol security did nothing.

President Donald Trump

The DOJ tries to say Donald Trump encouraged the riot and “attack.” The NY Times claims Trump used “apocalyptic” language. Trump’s speech was a typical stump speech and didn’t equal anything near apocalyptic.

In New York City, Trump faces 37 charges.  Additionally, there is a case percolating in Atlanta, Georgia. Trump can’t get a fair trial in New York City, Washington D.C., or Atlanta, Georgia.

The Left has made it impossible for Donald Trump to drop out of the race. He needs to win to pardon himself. He must run, and the Bidenistas, which includes Barack Obama and all the other king’s men, are working to make certain he does not enter the Oval Office.

All the agencies are corrupt, forcing him to prove he is innocent.

Trump’s polls show he can win, but Democrats will never let him win. Democrats working Joe Biden’s strings are behind the curtain deciding how best to get rid of Donald Trump. These people are demons.

They know he could get elected, and they will possibly perp-walk him and put him in prison. If not, they will make Trump ill with constant stressful court cases. They’ll kill him with abuse. He is 77 years old.

Right before the election, Democrats will bring down gas prices and inflation. They’ll temporarily fix issues like the border. Americans have short memories and the media lies to them.

When he picks his vice president, someone weak (they’re all weak for one reason or another except Ron DeSantis), and faces prison, they will go for his jugular. Maybe they will make a deal.

They are also determined to bankrupt him and his family.

Democrat will not let him win. You can see that if you are willing to look close enough. If you think this is incorrect, tell me why.

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