Government funds used on AI aimed at improving censorship of speech


A group of scientists at the University of South Carolina has used government funds to conduct research aimed at training AI to detect hate speech on social media.

The research was funded by the National Science Formation, a government agency that has an annual budget of over $8 billion and is run by France Cordova a leftist Obama appointee. USC researchers looked at to find ways to improve AI trained to identify hate speech. is a social media platform that aims to counter censorship by the radical left. They host a free speech platform for everyone.

The researchers claimed, “The growing prominence of online hate speech is a threat to a safe and just society. This endangering phenomenon requires collaboration across the sciences in order to generate evidence-based knowledge of, and policies for, the dissemination of hatred in online spaces,” the report reads, adding that it “establish[es] baseline classification performance for each using standard natural language processing methods.”


The researchers pointed to 27,000 posts on Gab that allegedly contain hate speech. That is only .029% of the 93 million posts on the platform, as a Gab spokesperson wrote.

Gab tweeted they have “over 3 million visitors, users, and customers from around the world. Our fastest-growing markets are the United States, India, and Spain. Our users have diverse ideological, cultural, and social perspectives.”

They continued: “Studies like this seek to gaslight millions of great people in our community based on a negligible fraction of posts on the site. Why is taxpayer money being spent to study [the] first amendment protected speech and the development of artificial intelligence to stop it?”


The media tried to get rid of Gab when a lunatic in Pittsburgh murdered innocents in a synagogue. They blamed Gab simply because he had a profile on Gab. The left did everything they could to destroy the free speech platform, and here we go again.

The Supreme Court has ruled a number of times that hate speech does not violate the Constitution, but the left wants to regulate it. They no longer like free speech.

We must protect so-called hate speech to protect the 1st Amendment.

We saw this first on LaCorte News, a neutral news venture, free speech alternative.

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