Democrats Block Media From Event with Democratic Icon and Racist Auntie Maxine


Mad Maxine is the leader of the Democrat Party’s Resistance.  She’s been described as a “rock star” and is unquestionably one of their key leaders. There is some chatter about her running for the presidency in 2020. She told the Daily Caller she would consider it if the millennials insisted. She made her way up to New Hampshire this weekend, causing a lot of speculation about a potential run. Waters would be 82 years of age in 2020. In a fascist-like turn of events, the press was not allowed into the Maxine Waters event in New Hampshire Sunday. The GOP says it was because she was railing about taking Trump down. They called it treasonous. Literally it’s not, but it’s definitely un-American and un-Democratic. Minutes before her presentation, the Democrats blocked the press.

Bits and pieces are coming out via an “intersectional feminist’, whatever that is.

Listen to Tucker Carlson address her racist past.

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