Democrats & CNN make a mockery of the articles of impeachment


The perfectly unserious Democrats formed a procession to deliver the articles. This included the idiotic and bizarre chatter of the hosts at CNN as the Dems walked through the halls of Congress where great leaders once walked.

Here’s another version of the performance:

Pelosi tried to quote people she knows nothing about and couldn’t string it all together coherently.

Go to 30:00 for the full speech from the unserious Nancy:

They made a mockery of the signing ceremony. She gave the pens out as souvenirs after she signed each letter of her name with a different pen. This is all a big joke to her.


We caught the actual procession.



  1. I didn’t listen for long…the whole shebang is way too absurd to take seriously. But I did hear NanPo attempt to recite some famous quotes. She had a lot of problems spitting them out…and they didn’t seem at all pertinent to the impeachment or anything else that was going on. It was a little surreal.

  2. Democrats are total axeholes too stupid to realize that what they are doing is making us, the voters, hysterically laugh at their childish antics. I truly believe the likes of Pelosi, Nadler, etc. are reverting back to their childhoods as their brains putrify over TDS! Go ahead, Pelosi, make our day, month, year, decade!

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