Democrats come out against the voters deciding the 2020 election


Democrats are telling Americans that the President is delegitimizing the 2020 election and can never be acquitted. The ‘forever impeachment’ that Pelosi ran on about is now the ‘never exonerated’ impeachment. Chuck Schumer and all the Democrats don’t want the voters to decide the election of 2020. The election is only months away, but they won’t let voters decide. They will continue to interfere by indicting the President. They believe it is their right to decide the 2020 election by ousting this President.

If only they would go back to doing their jobs, they could deal with the fentanyl and heroin crisis, handle the infrastructure issues, work on lowering the price of pharmaceuticals, and so on.

California leftist Nancy Pelosi said during a presser on Thursday that the President will not be acquitted.

“When this is over, do you think that President Trump will understand that he’s got a Congress watching this? Or will he be emboldened because the Senate will have acquitted him?” a reporter asked the Democrat leader.

“Well, he will not be acquitted,” she announced, as the acquittal is all but certain.

“You cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial. You don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation and all of that,” she asserted.

Pelosi then remarked about Justice Roberts should the vote come to a tie.

“I would hope that the senators — if it comes to a tie or if there’s a question of hearing testimony or receiving documents — would leave it up to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,” she said. “I would think that they would have confidence in the Chief Justice of the United States, that is really his title. And that’s interesting to me that they’re afraid of a breaking the tie with the Chief Justice of the United States.”


Sen. Chris Murphy said the same thing. It can’t be an acquittal.

House Democrats had 18 witnesses and they refused Republican witnesses unless they were their witnesses on their list. Democrats said their case was a lock and the House did not need to subpoena witnesses. This is clearly on them.

They are still hiding the so-called whistleblower and the Atkinson testimony.

However, no matter what the results were, they planned to delegitimize the process as well as the results of the past election and the election of 2020. This is very unAmerican.


Democrats are all saying the exact same thing. This is what goes on in communist countries.


Chuck Schumer said the 2020 election might be illegitimate. It’s ironic since it was the Democrats who were worried Trump wouldn’t accept the results of the election.

Schumer doesn’t think the voters should decide the election, they should.

In response to a reporter’s question, he said, “Look, the bottom line is, when the president does something so egregious, as my colleagues have said, you don’t look the other way. Does that mean you would just do this in the second term? And one more point. If this president is interfering in the elections, the elections may not have a fair result. The very charge goes to the fairness of our election, and very few people doubt that he would do it again and again and again. He has already tried several times.”



Kamala Harris said, “There will be no true acquittal without a fair trial.” The Democrat idea of a fair trial is to convict no matter what. Nothing short of that is acceptable.



Rep. Nadler said the same last night. After viciously insulting the President, he said, “But the facts are the facts,” he said. “The president is a danger to the United States. He’s tried to rig the next election. He’s abused his power and he must be brought to heel and the country must be saved from his continuing efforts to rig our elections.”


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