Democrats’ FBI Shows Up at Whistleblower’s Home to Intimidate Her


It is hard to believe that doctors and nurses would carve up children as young as 11 or give them dangerous drugs for profit, but it is happening. Doctors go along with this insanity that some children were born in the wrong body. It’s doubtful any of them believe it.

Dr. Haim, who checked children’s records at Texas Children’s Hospital, blew the whistle on doctors castrating children with drugs or surgeries. They did this to children as young as 11. These children can’t possibly give informed consent.

Dr. Eithan Haim now faces ten years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine for looking at the records. Because of his efforts, the practice is banned in Texas.

The hospital and Bidenistas wanted revenge and made certain that Dr. Haim was prosecuted.

It’s now illegal in Texas, as Christopher Ruvo reports:

These medical practices use scientific rhetoric to affirm what is, at bottom, an ideological program. And gender activists have been successful enough at capturing the legitimizing institutions—medical societies, regulatory bodies, and teaching hospitals—to repel most challenges to the burgeoning child sex-change industry.

Now, though, the consensus appears to be shifting. European governments have backed away from many of these dubious procedures…

I have reported on one of these programs, the pediatric gender clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital. Last year, I published an investigation demonstrating that, though it had promised to shut down its program, Texas Children’s had continued to administer hormone drugs to children as young as 11. Following the story, the state attorney general launched an investigation, and state legislators passed a bill, SB 14, prohibiting all transgender medical interventions on minors.

It doesn’t end there:

While these scandals caught the headlines, another story involving the same institution was brewing in the background: medical fraud.

According to a new whistleblower, doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital were willing to falsify medical records and break the law to keep practicing “gender-affirming care.” Caught in the wave of ideological fervor, two of the hospital’s prominent physicians, Richard Ogden Roberts and David Paul, cut corners and, according to the whistleblower, committed Medicaid fraud to secure funds for the hospital’s child sex-change program.

Go to City Journal to read about Nurse Vanessa Sivadge.  She saw City Journal’s expose with Dr. Haim, and she told the truth about what is going on. In the clip below, Democrat Stasi showed up at her house unannounced to intimidate her and perhaps get her on the record to use her words against her.

She assisted these doctors in carving up children and now believes what she was doing was evil.

The FBI came to her door dressed casually, smiling, and looking like nice guys.
Never speak with them without a lawyer – ever!

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