Democrats Get Bad News at the Supreme Court


The Supreme Court dismissed a Texas case brought by groups challenging a congressional Texas map as racist, CNN reported.

Plaintiffs claimed Senate District 10 in Fort Worth in Tarrant County had redrawn the congressional map to make it more Republican and “more Anglo.”

A panel of three judges on a district court ruled that although the new state Senate map may “disproportionately affect minority voters” in Tarrant County, and although the legislature may have given “pretextual reasons” for its redistricting decisions, the challengers could point to no evidence indicating that the legislature’s “true intent was racial.”

“Voting rights groups asked the Supreme Court to take up the case, arguing that the district court set too high a standard when it required the challengers to show that race predominated in the redrawing. They say all that they had to show was that race was a factor when drawing the maps,” CNN reports.

Under the general leadership of people like Eric Holder and Marc Elias, Democrat groups have contested the congressional maps that favor Republicans. They never seem to worry about Democrat districts, and they always use race.

This is one case they’ve lost, but it will be appealed.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Fact is that the Democrat Party are vile racists themselves, creating the vicious KKK and its racism creeds, with schemes to exterminate all non-whites via the covid vaxx. More recently, the embezzler and money launderer C’mon Man Joe Biden’s plot to “give” all low-income people $20 in credit for retail grocery—-and only if they will submit to the toxic covid vaccine.

1 year ago

Race is only an issue for Democrats when they think their Slaves may leave the Plantation.