Thousands of Virginians showed up but Blackface passed most of his bills


Thousands of Virginians showed up at the Virginia courthouse on Monday to protest the passage of Second Amendment-infringing gun bills. The lines reportedly went for blocks and some people had to be turned away.

It helped them win a small victory.

Virginia delegates who hoped to confiscate guns from lawful AR-15 rifles have slithered back into their offices. They won’t confiscate the AR-15s — for now — but are requiring owners to register them with the State Police.

Democrats call the AR-15 an “assault rifle” for the purposes of confiscation.

Senate Bill 16, which required confiscation of the rifle, was withdrawn and it was replaced by House Bill 961. That is the bill that allows them to keep them with registration.

More than a dozen gun-control bills have been pre-filed in the Democratic-controlled state Legislature, including an assault weapons ban, a red flag law, and a limit on the number of legal gun purchases that can be made per person in a single month.

Democrats are considering the idea of bringing in the National Guard to confiscate legally obtained firearms.

On Monday, gun owners across the Commonwealth appeared at the State Capitol in support of the National Rifle Association’s legislative day of action as the first hearings on the gun legislation began in the Senate.

Every gun-control bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, except the highly unpopular Senate Bill 16. It’s a small victory and the gun-grabbing politicians probably had that planned as expendable.

These fascist Democrats won’t take gun rights all at once. They will let this furor subside and then they will take the next step. They will be ready to go full bore when they are back in the White House or at least the Senate.

Blackface Northam wants to confiscate guns, but he will go for it when the table is set.

“The pieces of legislation that we’re offering is to keep guns out of prohibitive hands,” Northam told WHSV. “It’s very simple. They’re constitutional, and they support the Second Amendment.”

Believe him if you want, but he already made it clear he wants to confiscate guns.


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