Democrats “Infuriated” Biden to Nix DC Soft-on-Crime Bill


House Democrats were infuriated by President Biden’s announcement on Thursday that he will sign a resolution to nix the District of Columbia’s crime bill, The Hill.

The Office of Management and Budget weighed in and called on Congress to “respect the District of Columbia’s autonomy to govern its own local affairs,” according to The Hill.

Last month, 173 House Democrats voted along with what they thought was the White House’s stance that Biden would veto the resolution in an attempt to stand up for the District’s “home rule.”

Joe Biden will nix the DC crime bill

The bill pushes DC statehood and home rule. It’s illegal under the Constitution, which means nothing to many Democrats.

As crime soars in DC, they want to loosen the laws

The debate is happening as the nation’s capital has seen an uptick in crime, according to police data.

Even Mazie Hirono has concerns about the bill. It’s insane and has an insane bail reform component. Democrat congressmen don’t want to die so when it comes to DC, some will protect it.

The Hill cited the fury of some.  “So a lot of us who are allies voted no in order to support what the White House wanted. And now we are being hung out to dry,” a lawmaker said. “F****** AMATEUR HOUR. HEADS SHOULD ROLL OVER AT THE WHITE HOUSE OVER THIS.”

According to The Hill: The crime bill passed the D.C. City Council unanimously in January. After Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) vetoed it, the city council overrode it 12-1. Among other things, the bill would eliminate most mandatory sentences and lower penalties for a number of violent offenses, including carjackings and robberies. It would also expand the requirement for jury trials in most misdemeanor cases.

Biden mentioned carjackings in a tweet. There were 94 to date this year, and 64% involve guns. Only 19 were solved.

The nation’s capital is now moving to let illegal aliens from all over the world vote in municipal elections.

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6 months ago

The District of Columbia should have never been given Home Rule. All Property in DC should be Government Owned; No One should Live There! All DC property should be used by the Government and Foreign Embassies.

6 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Of course people should be allowed to live there. They have forever. But residents also know they have no voting rights except for the mayor, city council, the shadow Rep, and POTUS. They accept this limitation when they decide to live within DC. The Constitution is clear that DC is a special government zone. Don’t like it? Move.