Democrats PANIC over weak fundraising & rickety candidates


Politico reports that there is panic arising over the disparity in fundraising between the Democratic and Republican party machines.

It’s hard to find the truth about anything, much less whether or not Democrats are in panic mode about anything, but Politico says there is ‘panic’

President Trump has raised over $300 million and has already taken out ads while Democrats are still trying to decide who their candidate will be. So far, we see a lot of flawed candidates running as socialists and borderline communists.

The DNC chair Tom Perez has held fundraisers in Mexico, according to The Daily Caller, and South Carolina state senator Dick Harpootlian says Perez is as “useless as tits on a boar hog.” He wants Perez to “quit” or “do something different.”

The DNC raised under $7 million last month and remains millions of dollars in debt as the 2020 presidential election cycle heats up. They have $158 million on hand.

Is Perez to blame or is it the candidates they have?

Hillary is a better candidate than the ones they have running so far and she sees Russians everywhere.


Allegedly, Democrats are concerned that their candidates can’t beat the President. New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Frank Bruni expressed that concern on CNN’s New Day.

“And you have a situation here. It’s not just the donors who are concerned, you have two front-runners who are both extremely flawed and extremely vulnerable,” he said. “Joe Biden has seemed very rickety on that debate stage. He’s not raising money the way he should. He’s spending too much money. He doesn’t have cash reserves.”

“And, Elizabeth Warren is to the left of a lot of Democratic voters and a lot of general election voters,” Bruni continued. “So I think the panic here is real. What’s sort of silly is the notion that there’s someone out there in the forest who’s going to solve all the problems.”


New York Times political correspondent Jonathan Martin also wrote about panic in the party, saying Democrats are “wondering about late entrants to the race.”

Martin said when a half-dozen Democratic donors gathered for dinner last week in Manhattan that “the meeting quickly evolved into a discussion of who was not in the race — but could be lured in.”

He mentioned John Kerry, Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Sherrod Brown, Eric Holder, and Deval Patrick. Others look to Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.

That’s right, Hillary, the Russian asset.

The thing is they are all far-left but would proceed more incrementally than the ones taking the stage during these debates.

Do you want to become a socialist incrementally or all in one shot?

Like him or hate him, the President has a great economy and life is good. If Democrats worked with him, it would be much better for the USA, but they are bending to their most extreme base.

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