Democrats Pass the Debt Ceiling Bill, Possibly with a Side Deal


The Debt Ceiling bill passed the House with more Democrat votes than Republican votes. That could initiate the motion to vacate, tossing Kevin McCarthy from the Speakership. 71 Republicans voted against the bill. The motion won’t happen. No matter how bad the debt gets – even $50T in ten years – the Republicans cannot stop the Democrats. At least they can’t cope with the numbers they have in the Senate.

Hakeem Jeffries is as far-left as a Democrat can get, and he easily won this battle of the debt ceiling bill. Speaker McCarthy might also have an alarming side deal with Minority Leader Jeffries.

There will always be a good reason to let Democrats win, and with the Senate we have, there is little hope for the future. Mitch McConnell has preserved the Uniparty in the Senate and will not let a conservative win if he can help it – look what he did in Alaska to keep Lisa Murkowski.


High-level Democrat sources say the side deal INCREASES federal spending for projects in Democrats’ districts. It was allegedly a deal made quietly between McCarthy and Jeffries to get the bill passed. Both McCarthy and Jeffries deny it.

Spokespeople for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), nephew of a renowned anti-Semite, disputed four Democratic sources who told Axios the two leaders had cut a deal for Democrats to help advance the debt ceiling bill to a final vote.

The 52 Democratic votes on a measure to bring the debt ceiling bill to the floor were necessary for the bill’s survival after 29 Republicans had voted against moving it forward Wednesday afternoon. The bill eventually was approved on a 314-117 vote.

McCarthy turned the gavel over to Jeffries

Axios: Four Democratic lawmakers said they had been told of a deal, with two saying they believed it involved boosting federal funding for projects in Democrats’ districts — known as earmarks or “community project funding” — if Democrats voted to advance the bill.

McCarthy had told reporters after the initial afternoon vote that he had not cut a deal to ensure the Democratic votes. A spokesperson later told Axios that there was “absolutely no deal” — and that suggestions to the contrary by Democratic lawmakers were “not accurate.”

Jeffries’ office also denied there was a deal.

Earlier, when reporters had asked Jeffries whether there had been a deal, the minority leader said: “House Democrats to the rescue to avoid a dangerous default and help House Republicans get legislation over the finish line that they negotiated themselves.”

[Both McCarthy and Jeffries have lied in the past. Their word cannot be trusted.]

This deal probably is the best they could do. Democrats will never stop spending. They’re buying people off. That is their entire agenda.

However, what bothers me is the lying and the possible side deal. We’ll have to see how it goes.

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3 months ago

Last night at 8:25pm CDT, I watched the Death of the Worlds Oldest Constitutional Republic. So Why?

Democrat Cities and Democrat States are bankrupt. McCarthy’s State of California has 1.5 Trillion in unfunded Liabilities. Nationwide Democrats have over 10 Trillion in Debts they can’t Pay. The Federal Government will have to Print money to do it. That is why there is no Debt Limit until after the Election. Democrats will Literally buy the 2024 Election and you will pay for it in Hyper Inflation.

McCarthy saw the writing on the Wall; he was going to lose the Speaker-ship if the deal was any less than what the House passed back in April. He cut a Deal with Biden to bail out the Big Blue Cities and cut a Deal with Hakeem Jeffries to remain Speaker.

The US Dollar will now Collapse. There is nothing we can now do about that. Historically, that happens when National Debt reaches 150% of GDP. That will be Before January 2025 when the Debt will be at least 39 Trillion and GDP a meager 26 Trillion. The only thing that might stop the Collapse would be WWIII, but the odds are we will lose that War.

America is done! That is what happens when people elect Cowards! But then, today most Americans are Cowards. The Question is will the fall be by Economic Collapse, Civil War, WWIII, or possibly a Divorce via an Article 5 Convention? Since there are no good options on the Horizon, I’m preparing for War! War at some level is now Inevitable. Fortunately, the War won’t last long! If you live in a Big Blue City, WWIII will be over in a Flash! Otherwise, starvation will take a month or two.

Save America
Save America
3 months ago

Democrat Brad Sherman’s response to this bill, “now we can say it, we rolled them”.. Once the American people grasp what just occurred, they’re not going to like it. Especially knowing most of the RINOs in NYS voted for it, except congressman George Santos. He’s proven time and again, he stands with the people.

3 months ago

Trumps guy, McCarthy. RINO.