Democrats plan to pay students to go to college for free


The Biden cabal budget will pay students $7,000 to go to college if they get a Pell grant, which anyone can get.

A portion of Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending plan would create a federal program that eliminates the cost of tuition at public community colleges in participating states. The federal government would pay for 100 percent of the program in the first year, although its contribution would drop 5 percent each year going forward. The elimination of tuition, however, does not disqualify students from cashing in on tuition assistance benefits, the Free Beacon reports.

They will get the money even though they will not pay tuition.

The budget reconciliation bill also increases by $500 the maximum Pell grant award, which is $6,495 for students planning on attending a college for a full year…The average award in 2020 was $3,900 and is based on a formula from the Department of Education that considers family income and the number of dependents an individual or family claims.

This will guarantee more votes for Democrats and it will help destroy the country. This is what communism looks like. We’re going full Venezuela if people don’t start engaging. However, greed is winning. There is a freebie for everyone until there is nothing left.




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