Democrats prepare to cement their hold on political power forever


Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s first legislative priority is cementing [communist] Democratic political power [forever], as noted by the Wall Street Journal.

HR 1

Last week House Democrats reintroduced H.R.1, a voting, and campaign-finance bill. It will grease the Democratic voting machine nationwide. It will restrict political opposition and end voter ID. They also introduced a bill to provide statehood for the District of Columbia that would guarantee Democrats two new Senate seats.

Statehood for DC is likely unconstitutional, but we know that doesn’t matter to the anti-constitutionalists.

The Journal reports:

H.R.1 imposes California-style election rules nationwide. The bill requires every state to register voters based on names in state and federal databases—such as anyone receiving food stamps or who interacts with a state DMV. It mandates same-day and online voter registration, expands mail and early voting, and limits states’ ability to remove voters from rolls. Overall the bill is designed to auto-enroll likely Democratic voters, enhance Democratic turnout, with no concern for ballot integrity.

The bill also strips state legislatures of their role in drawing congressional districts, replacing them with commissions that are ostensibly independent. In practice, commissions have turned out mostly to favor Democrats, as in New Jersey and California.

We’ve warned about this and reported on it frequently. It will mean Republicans never win another election. This is why Mitch McConnell is really so angry with Donald Trump. He felt DJT should concentrate on saving the Senate so this could be kept at bay.

Becoming a one-party system means we will be under a dictatorship by very far-left people who don’t believe in the rule of law and who won’t compromise. Instead, they believe in a ‘living’ Constitution, which enables them to change it willy-nilly. They have no regard for our Bill of Rights.


On top of that, Pelosi will solidify the power grab by unconstitutionally making DC a state, to be followed by PR and four more senators for the Democrats.

As for D.C. statehood, the U.S. hasn’t admitted new states since 1959, and the admission of Hawaii and Alaska that year was designed to balance what was at the time one new Republican-leaning state with one Democratic state. The D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood movements are naked attempts to enlarge the Democrats’ Senate majority, the WSJ reports.


As usual, Democrats picked a name for the bill that means the opposite of what it is. They call it the ‘for the people act.’

McConnell explained in an op-ed a year ago in January 2019, it is an immense power grab. He wrote that they’re trying to clothe this power grab with cliches about “restoring democracy” and doing it “For the People.” Unfortunately, their proposal is simply a naked attempt to change American political rules to benefit one party.

They want to get rid of the neutral FEC and replace it with partisan federal workers.

Pelosi and company are pitching new taxpayer subsidies, including a 600 percent government match for certain political donations and a new voucher program that would funnel even more public dollars to campaigns, he wrote. Since these monies traditionally go to Democrats, it’s a donation to Democrats.

The legislation dedicates hundreds of pages to federalizing the electoral process. It would make states mimic the practices that recently caused California to create 23,000 incorrect voter registrations. The measure would make it harder for states to fix inaccurate data in their voter rolls. It does nothing to address ballot harvesting, a very questionable practice rife with potential fraud.

Democrats also want automatic voter registration, another voting method encouraging fraud, he wrote at the time.

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