Dems actually want you to believe an acquitted Trump is now a king


Democrats are running candidates who really want to be kings and queens but they’ve all gotten the memo telling them to call President Trump a monarch. Watch the montage below for their absolutely ridiculous comments. Maybe the President should tell his henchman to lob off the heads of Jerry Nadler and fiction writer Adam Schiff since he’s an all-powerful king now.

Ironically, Democrats have hard-left candidates who literally want to set themselves up with pens and phones. They tear down anything that doesn’t go their way. They don’t like it when SCOTUS doesn’t find their way, so they want to stack the court. The Electoral College didn’t favor Hillary, so they want to abolish it. The candidates love open borders since they discovered the illegal nomads vote for Democrats. As a result, they want to abolish the DHS.

Identity politics — categorizing and stereotyping people — is a good way to divide Americans so Warren is going to let a trans child pick the next secretary of education. The greedy want free everything so the Democrat candidates gladly say they will give it to them by stealing from those of us who produce. Democrats even control the media. So who is the monarch?

How in the world do Democrats get away with saying such nonsense?


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