Sunday with Sleepy Joe Biden


Do Americans really see Joe Biden on the world stage handling Russian President Putin, Mullahs, and any foreign leader?

While talking to an apparent activist in Iowa late last week about where he stands on phasing out U.S. fossil fuel production, grumpy Biden started poking the black man in his chest.

“Go back to 1986. I’m the first one ever to put forward a climate change bill and Politifact said it was a game-changer,” Biden said, as he jabbed a finger in the man’s chest.

“I’ve been working my whole life,” the annoyed candidate added, before turning and walking away without a further word.

He is very handsy. Here he is insulting another quasi-supporter who votes Democrat no matter what.

Here’s Joe making no sense, couldn’t remember anyone’s name. Joe Biden also forgot “What the Hell I was going to say.” He also slurs his words here. I know, let’s make him president.

Here is Joe lying and screwing up dates again (presidential material?):

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