Dems are coming for our rifles hours after passing 2 gun control bills


Hours after passing two outrageous gun control bills, HR 8 and HR 1146 [8 Republicans sold us out], Feinstein and Democrats introduced a bill to ban so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

There will be no end to this until they have all of our guns. Only criminals will have guns.

As Democrats are making the country more and more dangerous, they are planning to disarm us. They should be letting us conceal carry so we can protect ourselves.

Their idea of an assault weapon is a rifle, an ordinary rifle. They know rifles like an AR-15 aren’t assault weapons or weapons of war. The Democrat goal is to incrementally take all of our guns.

Feinstein’s a piece of work. She has the right to conceal carry.

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Bossa Nova USA
Bossa Nova USA
2 years ago

They still think that AR means assault rifle when it stands for ArmaLite the original makers of the gun.
Adolf the Austrian corporal originally coined the term Sturmgewehr about the MP-44 which the Russians copied heavily with the AK-47.
Disarming the deplorable kulaks is what keeps a true believer like Feinstein going and she hopes to see the unity CCP serf colony utopia before shuffling off.
Some people have went through school and had children and grandchildren as long as these fellow travelers have been marching through the institutions.

2 years ago

One of the things that Democrats are good for is gun sales.