Dems are the party of wealthy, elites, moral authoritarians


The political parties are undergoing a realignment. The Democrats have left the middle class behind culturally and economically. They are the party of the elite, corporations, and Marxist moralists.

Some of that change is due to President Trump’s outreach to minorities and others of the working class. Some of it is because Democrats are no longer what they purported to be.

Republicans are now the party of the middle class.

Reporter Tim Pool writes, “This is part of what drives the realignment in politics. Democrats are the party of the wealthy, managerial elites, and the moral authoritarians.

A chart shows the new trend.

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Welcome to Sky Valley
Welcome to Sky Valley
3 years ago

Godless Bolsheviks prattling on about moral superiority is pure comedy gold.
Only a dumbed down populace of comfort zombies would allow any of this.
If Beijing Biden and the Kamal get across the finish line then it could be time for das Bunker and withdrawal from a fundamentally destroyed society.