Dems Discover Due Process for Groper Joe Biden


It has been three weeks since Tara Reade, a former Senate staff assistant to Joe Biden, accused him of rape in 1993. CNN has not published one single solitary story on the subject.

CNN ran nearly 700 stories against Justice Kavanaugh on the word of the ditsy unbelievable Christine Blasey Ford. But Tara Reade, nothing.

Where are the ‘believe all women’ Democrats?

They didn’t care at all about the due process at the time of the Blasey Ford incident. Suddenly, they not only believe in due process, they believe in not believing the woman.

Joe the Groper:

President Trump went after Joe Biden today for his past as a sellout to China. He and his son will sell us out if he wins.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

I remember hearing about headlines in European media preceding Bill Clinton’s trip; Hide Your Wives and Daughters, Bill Clinton Is Coming. I wonder why they would think that.
I also saw a story about affairs by presidents. Bill Clinton’s escapades led the pack with JFK second. There was little room for Republicans. I had to say, “huh”, with the claim of one by Bush 41. Seems to me if there was credence it would have been all over the media. And I laughed outright when they made the claim about Lincoln having a homosexual affair with his roommate. But Clinton’s and JFK’s affairs are well known.

3 years ago

Groping and sniffing will be the last go when he goes off to the booby hatch along with the long sleeve coat they should glue his socks to his feet or that old reprobate will try and use his toes. The Demonic Dems don’t give a bats posterior who does what to who, unless they’re the opposition Why would they care what Joe does? They didn’t care when Smoken Willy used a cigar as a phallic symbol.