Turncoat Matt Drudge responds to President Trump’s slam


President Trump sniped at Matt Drudge Saturday, saying people are “dropping off like flies,” from his website. CNN seems caught up by the fact that he didn’t present evidence, but evidence is hardly necessary. President Trump was probably referring to conservatives dropping off. A lot of conservatives have dropped Drudge’s aggregate, but he has the leftists at CNN driving traffic to him.

He picked up a different crowd — leftists and other never Trumpers.

Trump retweeted an attack from a far-right blogger who argued Drudge’s coverage of the coronavirus has been misleading and sensationalistic. “I gave up on Drudge (a really nice guy) long ago, as have many others,” Trump commented. “People are dropping like flies!”


Drudge decided to issue a rare reply.

“The past 30 days has been the most eyeballs in Drudge Report’s 26 year-history,” Drudge said in an email to CNN. “Heartbreaking that it has been under such tragic circumstances.”

CNN writes that Drudge was a big supporter in 2016 and was even invited to the White House in the early days but someone close to him said he became exasperated with President Trump.

Drudge is a turncoat, and now supports the far-left who want to take away our liberties. He’s a fraud. Some say he has sold the publication to a foreign entity. Who knows, but whatever it is, he is exposed as betraying his alleged beliefs.



  1. He’s taken a nosedive for quite some time. He peaked a bit in March and now is back close to his lows of January. To say the “past” 30 days is his way of hedging the truth.

  2. Drudge made his fortune pretending to be conservative. Now he can do what he wants so he turned, as have so many media sources over the years. FOX is doing it now.

    His site has always been junk. The design is awful. He uses hype. His links are to leftist and establishment sites.

    Drudge’s site contains no original information. This IS site here, with much less traffic, is far superior, and contains far more useful information.

  3. thelibertydaily . com is an excellent alternative to Drudge, better than Whatfinger in my humble opinion

    Citizenfreepress . com is another excellent alternative.

  4. Drudge Sells Out to Establishment

    In a surprising turn, Drudge Report removed ads between the end of May and mid-July of this year according to Danny Rogers, a cofounder of the Global Disinformation Index, a project that’s analyzing domains to generate “risk ratings of the world’s media websites.” After noticing an absence of ads on Drudge around May 31, Rogers told BuzzFeed they didn’t see any ads on Drudge until about July 12.

    During that period, Drudge cast off his advertising representative of close to 20 years, Intermarkets, in favor of a new and unknown company, Granite Cubed. It has no record in the digital ad industry, was only registered as a company in March of this year, and lists no staff or owners on its websites. Yet it just landed one of the biggest websites in the US.

    Corporate records show that Granite Cubed is owned by Margaret Otto. According to Pathmatics, a marketing and advertising platform owned by Margaret Otto, she and her husband, Adrian, have close ties to both Matt Drudge and his father, Bob Drudge. The Ottos have known the Drudges since 1999. Pathmatics, a marketing intelligence platform, estimates that over the past 12 months the site generated more than $30 million in ad revenue. Another estimate from the Global Disinformation Index, to be published in a report next month, pegs revenue at $9 million per year.

    The Otto’s also acquired another company in 2017 founded by Bob Drudge called Refdesk. Adrian Otto joined Google Cloud in 2017 and is their technical director. Matt Drudge is now in bed with Google and Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google.

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