Dems explain why legal gun owners can’t have guns in church


A number of left-wing trolls and Democrats have put forth arguments as to why a lawful gun owner should not have a gun in church.

One argument presented by a self-described never Trumper, who is also a professor, is that mass shootings in churches don’t happen that often. He posted this AFTER the church shooting in White Settlement.

His argument is they don’t need guns since it doesn’t happen that often.

A 2017 Texas law allowed the gun owners to bring guns into the West Freeway Church of Christ with the permission of the pastor and members of the church. It saved people from the potential massacre. The only shocking thing is why a law was needed when we have a Second Amendment.

Mass shootings are also low-probability events. Nonetheless, we should still try to do what we can to prevent them and keep our rights.

Biden called the law allowing guns in the normally gun-free church zone “irrational,” “totally irrational.” In actuality, he is irrational.

Shannon Watts is a Bloomberg-Everytown fascist troll. She finds that the parishioner was not a good guy with a gun since he was trained. Logic isn’t her strong point.

Seven parishioners stood to take the gunman down.

Watts and her troll friends argue that the church members should be disarmed so only the criminal has the gun.

Let’s bring illogical Tom back. He claims he was once a Republican, but that’s as believable as skunks smell great. Mr. Logic linked to an article at the far-left LA Times which rationalizes why people shouldn’t have guns, not in church, not everywhere.

Poor Beto didn’t know what to say so he said guns were the problem in the church shooting. He couldn’t bring himself to say that guns stopped the killer.

It’s not the weapon of choice, it’s the sick, amoral, hedonistic society we live in.

Governor Huckabee addressed the core problem:

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