Dems form a gender policy council to force their view of gender equity on the USA


Biden or his handlers are forming a gender policy council as they tighten the controls on all of us in everything we do. Identity politics is unAmerican but it is the mantra of the Democrat Party.

The term ‘equity’ is used because equality is no longer a goal. Equity is the goal and it means that all must have the same outcome.

The council will prevent “sexual violence.”  The claim is they will protect everyone’s rights as they take away freedom and make white people, especially white men the enemy.

They are social engineers, Nazis, and they will determine who gets advantages as they destroy our meritocracy.

We live in a dictatorship. The Left intends to transform every area of our society with executive orders.



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2 years ago

Unity (conformity) means uniform equal results for all comrades of the mommygov collective.
Some races are unhappy about people who made a life choice glomming onto civil rights although they would never vocalize that sentiment.
The Satanic Marxist dream of a grotesque obscene parody of everything that is good is coming to pass.
The Wrath will be legendary.