Dems hope to present video “evidence” at Senate trial


Democrats want to rehash the testimony of the non-witnesses we already heard from during the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. They likely plan to select those passages they feel helps their case. The House Democrats also want to show videos of President Trump commenting.

They need Leader McConnell to approve it.

Video evidence was presented during the Clinton trial and McConnell said he will abide by the process followed during the Clinton trial.

Some Republicans are already indicating the Senate may not look favorably on that aspect of the Clinton-era rules.

“I’m not really into video evidence in this case. Video of what?” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who was one of 13 House GOP impeachment managers in the Clinton trial. Told of Democrats’ intention to broadcast Trump’s own comments, Graham replied, “They can read them to us.”


The selective videos are meant to convince Americans that the President is guilty even though no proof of guilt was presented during the rushed House inquiries.

They want to show alleged “critical witness testimony.”

“While we’re talking about the Clinton precedent, one of the biggest precedents is that impeachment managers were able to show video during the trial,” said a senior Democratic aide. “Senators should see and hear the critical witness testimony, documents, and additional evidence that the House collected before they make their decision.”

If they have the evidence, transcripts are good enough, unless their goal is actually to win based on feelings as opposed to evidence.

Democrats are particularly interested in playing the clip of Trump on the White House lawn sarcastically urging Ukraine and China to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. That’s not illegal, by the way. We have treaties with them that allow it.

They also want to show acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s combative press conference in which he explained Trump withheld military aid to get Ukraine to work on corruption. Mulvaney said, truthfully, that this is done all the time.

Obama did it, Bush did it, and this entire case is a sham.

At least we know what the Democrats have in mind. It will be the House impeachment inquiry 2.0.

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