Dems lose House seats, GOP gains


The census numbers are out. Texas is going to gain two seats. Florida will gain a seat. So too will North Carolina. New York will lose one. California will stay the same. But the overall number in the United States House of Representatives will remain at 435.

The New York Governor is blaming Donald Trump for their loss of a seat by only 89 people.

Peter Ajemian, a spokesman for Cuomo, said the state had devoted $30 million to the count. “New York did better than the experts predicted, and our population count went up,” he said. “It’s unbelievable that some politicians are willing to forget how many obstacles the Trump administration put in place — during a pandemic no less — in order to score cheap political points.”

Killer Cuomo always blames Trump.

Cuomo is responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly COV patients. Maybe he should have let them live by not putting them in nursing homes. That would have upped his numbers for the census.

The United States Constitution requires that each state get two senators and no state can have that number reduced without the consent of that state. The constitution makes no claims to the number for the House of Representatives.

Reps no linger represent the people as intended. They represent donors and Washington swampsters.

Some suggest adding reps to change the situation.

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