Dems Open Borders to Child Rapists Then Back Light Sentences


Democrats have left our borders open, and it has become a broad invitation to child traffickers. It doesn’t stop there—Democrats also support light prison sentences when the monsters are caught.

In Tennessee, illegal alien Camilo Campos raped unconscious boys ages 9 through 17. Campos taped the rapes. Workers discovered his terrible crimes when he left his phone with the rape videos in a pizza parlor. Employees opened it to find the owner and were horrified by what they saw.

Camilo Hurtado Campos — who confessed to having drugged and sexually assaulted ten boys between the ages of 9 and 17 — acknowledged to DHS agents in an interview, a spokesman for the Franklin Police Department said last week.

The levers of power are so powerful that these monsters get a slap on the wrist for their crimes.

Democrats have left our borders wide open, and these monsters are pouring into the country with their child slaves. HHS has lost track of about 80,000 children. Where do you think they are? Apathetic Americans will pay a heavy price for voting these evil child trafficking enablers into power.

Democrats have opened our borders and let unvetted monsters come in and rape the children.



The One America host mentioned SB14 in California, which Democrats blocked. The story about SB-14 went national, and they faced a lot of blowback.

California Democrat Liz Ortega apologized and now supports the legislation making human trafficking of children a severe felony by law.

Ortega, a California State Assembly’s Committee on Public Safety member, and five other Democratics abstained from voting Tuesday on Senate Bill 14. Two Republican committee members voted in favor, leading to another vote on Thursday that passed, according to bill author Republican Shannon Grove.

California consistently ranks No. 1 nationally in the number of human trafficking cases reported, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

“On Tuesday, I made a bad decision,” Ortega, who represents District 20, tweeted on Thursday. “Voting against legislation targeting really bad people who traffic children was wrong. I regret doing that, and I am going to help get this important legislation passed into law.”

Quite a dramatic turnaround in two days.

“I’m glad to hear you have changed your position after we spoke to you yesterday when you told us to our face there’s enough punishment for child traffickers,” Denise Aguilar, an activist, and co-founder of the Freedom Angels organization in California, tweeted at Ortega on Thursday.

This is a true story!

Democrats want you to believe punishments don’t deter, so just let them run free!

Assembly Majority Leader Isaac Bryan, a Democrat from Los Angeles, said Tuesday that “longer sentences don’t actually stop things from happening,” according to local ABC-affiliated news station KGTV.

“All they do is increase our investment in systems of harm and subjugation at the expense of the investments that the communities need to not have this be a problem to begin with,” Bryan said.

“SB14 makes no new corrective actions or enhancements to laws already in place. Ultimately, members of the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee understood the author’s intent but recognized this bill needs considerable work and granted reconsideration,” Jones-Sawyer’s statement concluded.

You have to wonder if these Democrats are voted into office by sex traffickers or if they pay them off. California is now a sanctuary, a haven for these monsters. They have political power whether they vote or not. Allowing people like this to come into the country and remain means they will one day govern us, as they do in Mexico and other hellholes.

Light Sentences for Raping Children

Heath Flora, a Republican member of the Assembly, later criticized Democrats for voting against harsher penalties for human trafficking.

“What kind of signal are we sending to people who elect us if we can’t pass a bill to hold child traffickers accountable? SB 14 is a critical step forward to fighting human trafficking in California. … Colleagues, today we have a choice to make. You can choose a team: pick pedophiles or children,” Flora said in the video that was shared by Jonathan Zachreson.


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