Dems out for revenge vote against pay raise for sheriffs


Every Democrat in the Virginia state legislature voted against a pay raise for members of the Sheriff’s Departments out of revenge for their defense of the Second Amendment.

In addition to revenge, this is a way to force these sheriffs to break the law. The law is the Second Amendment.

Virginia State Senator Bill Stanley slammed the “hypocrisy” of Democratic legislators after his attempt to amend the state budget last week to include the pay raise failed. He told WTVR he was “absolutely shocked.”

“Saslaw came up and said this to me, ‘Hey Stanley, you want to know why your sheriffs didn’t get a raise? Because they came to our committees and said that they weren’t going to enforce our laws.’ When I asked him which law was he talking about, he said, ‘Gun control,’” Stanley wrote.

“Dick is a friend of mine. I love him dearly,” the lawmaker added. “He’s never lied to me, so I believe what he said was true that the reason why the sheriffs were not getting a raise is because some sheriffs dared to come up here to the people’s house and declare that they were going to support the Second Amendment of the Constitution and, I guess, that didn’t jive to well with him.”

WaPo is behind a paywall, so here is some of what is in the report:

“Hey Stanley,” Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said to Sen. Bill Stanley of Franklin County on Thursday, according to an account Stanley later posted on Facebook. “You want to know why your sheriffs didn’t get a raise? — because they came to our committees and said that they weren’t going to enforce our laws.”

Saslaw, who confirmed Stanley’s account, was referring to the Second Amendment “sanctuary” movement that has swept the commonwealth since Democrats won control of the state House and Senate on the promise of enacting gun control.

More than 110 cities, towns and counties have declared themselves sanctuaries from any new firearms restrictions, with some local sheriffs saying they will refuse to enforce gun laws passed by the new Democratic majority. Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) has said the proclamations have no legal force

…Saslaw confirmed the conversation in an interview in the Virginia State Capitol.

“All I said was a lot of people were upset that these people came in and said they weren’t going to enforce our laws. That’s all. That’s it,” Saslaw said.

Asked if he stood by his comments, Saslaw said, “I said it.”

Stanley sought a raise for sheriffs deputies by proposing an amendment to Virginia’s two-year spending plan, which did not provide for a raise in the first year. He said some deputies earn so little that they qualify for food stamps.

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