Dems pass bailout-stimulus relief package without one Republican vote


Democrats in the upper chamber voted 50-49 Tuesday, strictly along party lines, to allow an expedited passage process to begin in the House and Senate.

Senate Democrats are moving President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief proposal to the next stage after agreeing to a process that doesn’t require any support from Republicans, for now.

The Senate will pass the $1.9 trillion COV relief package. No Republican will vote for it and it will pass with reconciliation.

Democrats appear to have to the votes.

It’s called a stimulus but with them keeping businesses closed in blue states, what are they stimulating?

The Twitter trolls are claiming Republicans didn’t vote for it because they don’t care about Americans.

Democrats want to crash the system with exorbitant spending so they can replace capitalism with socialism. When people realize what Democrats are doing, it might not go so well for them.

The plan gives $400 billion for COVID relief and $1400 checks, but most of the money is going to bail out reckless cities and states and has nothing to do with COVID.

He put an additional burden on small businesses by requiring them to pay $15 an hour wages. They are demanding they pay hazard pay. This is at a time when they are struggling, unable to open in many blue states.

There will be another $130 million for schools — actually, teachers unions — to allegedly reopen safely.

Emergency paid leave for parents, expansion of child tax credits (including illegal aliens), funding to the Economic Development Administration and environmental justice grants to help low-income, funding for critical programs to aid in the global response to and recovery from the pandemic (These instructions include significant funding for humanitarian assistance and Global Health programs), and money for the transit systems, including Amtrak, is also included.

It’s all bailouts and welfare with no effort to open businesses and schools.

We haven’t been able to get a copy of the actual American Rescue Plan.

ADDENDUM: Democrat Senator Manchin could be a holdout, but that’s not likely. He always gives in on important issues.

Also, the reason you don’t see a test of the bill is there isn’t one. They are voting on a 19-page document.



  1. Does anyone remember unity?
    The AM station is on fire reporting on what is going in the district of cesspool.
    The host said I don’t see the constitutional republic coming back the way things are going.
    It comes in very well on a clear night and is almost 200 miles away on high hilltop.
    Trump was on there saying you better fight like hell or there won’t be any USA.

  2. So if you haven’t seen the actual American Rescue Plan, what justifies this paragraph? ‘ Democrats want to crash the system with exorbitant spending so they can replace capitalism with socialism. When people realize what Democrats are doing, it might not go so well for them’. Please tell all republicans who get checks to return them to the government because they will eat their righteous indignation. After that, do case studies of so called socialist states like Denmark, Finland and Switzerland.

    • Sabrina– Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland are NOT socialist states. They have a social welfare network supported by a capitalist economy and all workers are taxed about 50% to support.

      • All small countries with strict immigration policies and a rather homogeneous culture. Not representative of the US at all. Try to tax everyone 50% in the US and see how fast people revolt.

  3. The 1400 is to keep quiet any uproar over all the swamp creature benefits. You’ll probably have to look deep to find Hunter’s benefits and the rest of Joe’s family.

  4. Why even have a vote on the COV relief?? Joe can just sign another EO !!!!! half the trash he is signing probably isn’t legal anyway!!!

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