Dems Pick Winners & Losers, Cancels Juul, Leaves Competitors


Federal health officials on Thursday ordered Juul to pull its electronic cigarettes from the U.S. market. They decided that Juul sparked the national surge in teen vaping. They left their huge competitors in place.  The competitors so rewarded are Reynolds American, a British company and the 3rd highest ESG performer, and NJoy Holdings, whose CEO Paul Sturman was the former Global President and General Manager of Pfizer’s Consumer Health Care Business.

Little guys can’t make it under Biden.

The Biden government uses rules, memos, executive orders, and agency overreach to control the nation and take away our freedoms. Democrats will never stop taking all your freedoms away.

The action is part of a sweeping effort by the Food and Drug Administration to bring scientific scrutiny to the multibillion-dollar vaping industry after years of regulatory delays.

The FDA said Juul must stop selling its vaping device and its tobacco and menthol flavored cartridges. Those already on the market must be removed.

So, they will go to the black market and people will get them on the black market.

Michael Tracey writes, “The FDA just unilaterally banned Juul from the market on the ground that Juul products “have played a disproportionate role in the rise in youth vaping.” So to protect the youth, the products must be banned for the entire adult population? Ok”

They don’t mind marijuana or fentanyl but ditch the vapes and menthol cigarettes. They also plan to ban nicotine in cigarettes.

“They ban it, I’ll do it live on TV. They can come and arrest me. How’s that?” @seanhannity promises to throw down over proposed Juul ban. “The government allows Reynolds American and NJoy Holdings to keep their vapes on the market,” he said.

Sara Carter says, “The Biden admin and leftists also have no problem allowing the streets of Portland and other Dem cities to become lawless infested drug havens – You can’t smoke a Juul but you can smoke crack, shoot up heroin, etc out in public and all just blocks from a daycare.”

And, as Harrison Rogers says, “The Biden Admin. has banned Juul e-cigarettes from being sold in the US. Yet they encourage teenagers and children to transition genders.”

“It says so much about that absolute moron Joe Biden His idiot policies cause inflation and the price of gas to spike But his focus is on taking away cigarettes  juul pods from Americans while his criminal son is free to smoke crack on film They want to rub it in your face,” says Comfortably Smug.

Consumers aren’t restricted from having or using Juul’s products, the agency said. To stay on the market, companies must show that their e-cigarettes benefit public health. In practice, that means proving that adult smokers who use them are likely to quit or reduce their smoking, while teens are unlikely to get hooked on them, reports the Associated Press.

Democrats are going big time for the mentally deranged voting bloc.


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Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
1 year ago

Apparently, JUUL didn’t pay their share of coin to the kingdom.

It’s always struck me, all the so called, “complex,” issues only politicians, members of congress can deal with because, you know, they are so much smarter than we, the ignorant, unwashed masses. IMO. ANY “lowly” housewife managing her family’s household expenses and issues, could straighten it all out in a day.

Want to eliminate approx. 1/2 of ALL DC Corruption AND save Americans from congressional decisions antithetical to the safety and well-being of every citizen?
BAN ALL FORMS OF LOBBYING – both Foreign and Domestic.
Make the act of Lobbying EXACTLY WHAT IT IS, LEGALIZED BRIBERY which has cost us $billions if not $trillions AND exposed us ALL to DANGER
(to wit, just ONE example – POISONS pushed upon an unsuspecting public by BIG PHARMA)

A good portion of the other half of The Corrupt would likely be exposed by simply turning over the list of Congress members saved by the, “congressional slush fund,” of TAX PAYER MONEY, to buy off their victims of sexual harassment and assaults.

mostly grey
mostly grey
1 year ago

Nailed it! Spot on. legalized bribery is exactly what it is, and it was legalized why? Because it is a backdoor benefit to those that are criminally liable for accepting bribery. I figure this out about 40 years ago, it’s only gotten exponentially worse over the last 4 decades. Now they are simply blatant about it. Ukraine is a perfect example.