Dems plan a ministry of truth to ease their suffering from ‘hatefulness’


Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich (who thinks it’s reasonable to tax the rich 70% of their income and redistribute their money to those making under $100,000) on Saturday called for a truth and reconciliation commission to “erase Trump’s lies” and expose those who “enabled” them.

It’s actually a retribution commission which many Democrats have called for in the hope of imprisoning not only his administration and his supporters but President Trump himself. They have said this. It’s not a conspiracy theory.


“When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” Reich tweeted. “It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

Of course, if you disagree with them, you are greedy and without good character.

The hatefulness has come from the left. They are Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are the riots in the streets and the dreary angry people who will settle for nothing less than cancel culture, identity politics, social engineering, stereotyping, political correctness, and retribution for ideas they do not believe in.


After Reich took some backlash over his promotion of totalitarianism, Reich appended a link to an article from The Conversation explaining the history of truth and reconciliation commissions and how they supposedly intend to rectify historical injustices and heal the wounds of division.


We’re South Africa now. Salon and other far-left publications of the now-far-left Democrat Party want to take Republicans down once-and-for-all, so they never have to deal with them again. They hope to scare them into never running for public office again.

The article said in one section, “The goal of a truth commission — in some forms also called a truth and reconciliation commission, as it is in Canada — is to hold public hearings to establish the scale and impact of past injustice, typically involving wide-scale human rights abuses, and make it part of the permanent, unassailable public record. Truth commissions also officially recognize victims and perpetrators in an effort to move beyond the painful past.”

Trial lawyers will love it. Divisiveness doesn’t matter — all must fall in line.

South Africa’s suffering was current. They were an apartheid state, and the majority of the population was subjugated. Now, unfortunately, they are socialists headed inevitably for communism. However, they said the goal was to heal and claimed they didn’t want Nuremberg-style trials. Instead, they wanted reparations.

The article concluded by claiming the United States needs a truth and reconciliation commission because of its “centuries of enslavement, state-sponsored racism, denial of civil rights and ongoing economic and social disparity.”

In other words, they will bleed us dry for something we did not do or cause in any way, shape, or form. Punishment for the past mistakes of dead people is a new Democrat mantra.


MSNBC host Chris Hayes said much the same thing earlier this month to “deal with” those who dare question COV protocols. Those are the protocols that took our liberties away.

Hayes created a stir when he floated the idea of a “truth and reconciliation commission” as “the most humane and reasonable way to deal” with those who seemingly question the perceived wisdom regarding how best to protect against COVID-19.

The sinful tweet

Hayes’ comment came in response to a tweet from American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, who was himself responding to a tweet from NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss, who said, “Why is a sick President riding in an SUV waving to supporters outside Walter Reed, jeopardizing the Secret Service agents inside the car with him?”

Beschloss was referring to President Donald Trump’s brief drive on Sunday past supporters who had assembled outside Walter Reed Medical Center during his convalescence there.

Some criticized the move as “reckless,” and The Washington Post reported that “current and former Secret Service agents and medical professionals were aghast” the president would lock himself inside a hermetically sealed car with others while having the coronavirus.

It doesn’t take much to make leftists ‘aghast.’

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) even demanded that the Secret Service brief Congress on the incident.

The President was masked. There was a plastic shield blocking the Secret Service agents who also wore PPE. The doctors approved it.

Schlapp tweeted in response, “So masks don’t work? I’m confused.”

Quote-tweeting Schlapp, the melodramatic Hayes wrote, “The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission.”

The other sins

They won’t stop at COV and Trump supporters. It will be anything, and everything people dare disagree with. That could include climate change extremism, abortion-on-demand, shipping manufacturing to China, or bribing Iran for starters.

South Africa looked for reconciliation, not retribution, and the commission had widespread acceptance. Unfortunately, they decided to steal the farmland owned by whites for a century or more. It’s not going well over there. Few actually received reparations.

In any case, it’s a very different situation. There is no comparison.


Who will they prosecute in the “Trump Presidency Truth and Reconciliation Commission” that Reich envisions? Will crimes be necessary to prosecute people? They didn’t need a crime to persecute President Trump for four years and impeach him. Only the false allegations of crimes were necessary.

Do bloggers go on trial for making the left unhappy, miserable, in fact? The left has relentlessly smeared AG Barr and Justice Kavanaugh. Will the Ministers of Truth imprison them?

Will Kayleigh McEnany be persecuted for ‘lying?’ Lying is the left’s new felony that only works on right-wing people who disagree with them politically.

Stephen Miller will most assuredly make the cut, and his cancelation will be swift and severe.

Do the betrayers like John Kelly, Mad Dog, John Bolton, and others who turned on the President and signed lucrative book deals, escape punishment?

The Ministry of Truth will decide all that, so don’t trouble yourself.


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