Dems present their Soviet plan, the ‘People’s Charter’ if they win next month


“Black Lives Matter leaders, organized labor, progressive groups and members of the House Democratic ‘Squad’ are unveiling a 2021 agenda…”

That horror comes from a Politico article extolling the new plan for America once puppet Joe Biden is in place and ready to be controlled by the hard-left.

If Joe Biden doesn’t do as he’s told by the progressive communists/socialists, he will likely be replaced under the 25th Amendment. After hearing Pelosi discuss her plan for a process to get rid of a future president, we think that’s a real possibility.

I’d like to digress here a minute. Nancy Pelosi thinks she can come up with a process to dump a President she doesn’t want under the 25th Amendment. She wants to put Congress in charge but she forgot the Constitution. She doesn’t care about that old piece of parchment. She plans to burn it. The Constitution requires the Vice President’s active role in the process. Section 4 requires the Vice President and then one of two groups, the Cabinet or another group designated by Congress.

She wants to set up her own process.

They obviously want to make it easier to get rid of Joe Biden and if Trump wins, get rid of him. Who in their right minds would vote for someone under these circumstances. I understand why a lot of people don’t like Trump but he’s not going to blow up the Constitution and he had the economy working great pre-COVID. The Obama-Biden economy was awful.

Also, these Democrats are communists and socialists.


Getting back to the plan. It’s called the “People’s Charter,” of course it is. So Soviet. They want free (Single Payer) health care (for illegals also), a jobs program for 16 million people, hazard pay for essential workers, and reallocation of police resources to education and social services (defunding the police in other words), as the New York Post outlined today.

There will no longer be student debt, and there will be a $15 minimum wage. Also, they plan to turn some of the ownership of bailed out companies over to the public.

They want the communist Universal Basic Income.


Eight members of Congress — including AOC and Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) — are backing the program. They are communists.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), one of the agenda’s backers and another communist, said it will serve as the legislative blueprint for what House progressives would push during a Biden administration, Fox News reported.

“The aim is a clear agenda that progressives in the House will advance focuses on these big items,” Khanna told the network.

“We will push for Medicare-for-all during the pandemic. We will push for the creation of millions of good jobs in communities left behind. And we will advance a bold vision to tackle climate change and have a livable planet, which is the aspiration of the Green New Deal,” said Khanna. “We’re going to beat Donald Trump on Nov. 3, and then we’re going to organize to make the vision outlined in the People’s Charter a reality.”

Sure, we have plenty of money with our $30 trillion in debt. These people are insane.

Thank you never Trumpers. Your hatred of Trump was more important than the country. You would rather see it burn down than let Trump win.

In addition, let’s not forget that Chuck Schumer said everything is on the table — stacking the court, destroying the Electoral College, making PR and DC states, ending the filibuster, ending the 60-vote requirement in the Senate, and anything else they can think of to destroy the Republic.

Their permanent electoral majority is in their grasp.

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