Nearly 50,000 wrong ballots sent out in Franklin County, Ohio


Nearly 50,000 voters received inaccurate ballots in Franklin County, Ohio this week. Officials will send out second ballots next week.

Franklin County is Ohio’s most populous county.

The glitch affected one in five ballots.

“We want to make it clear that every voter who received an inaccurate ballot will receive a corrected ballot,” the board said in a news release according to the Columbus Dispatch.

This is going on all over the country. The errors already add up to enough ballots to swing an election. There are extra ballots floating around, who know how many. All this despite the fact that the doctors and scientists okayed in-person voting.

Most of it doesn’t seem deliberate and you can’t even call it incompetence. We have an absentee balloting system throughout the country and no one is set up for mail-in ballots for millions.

Don’t worry, it’s all safe and secure.

No developed country allows massive mail-in voting — NONE.

If you like the third world chaos in our election process, then vote for Democrats.

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