Dems rage over Trump’s ‘softball interview’ after martyring him for 4 years


Maria Bartiromo: “Is there a path to victory?”

President Trump: “I hope so. For the sake of our country. It will take a brave judge/justice, or a brave state legislature.”

President Trump triggered the left today by telling Maria Bartiromo, “This election was over, and then they did dumps, they call them dumps, big massive dumps in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and all over…”

That is true. Maybe they were legitimate, but there was no chain of custody over many of those ‘dumped’ ballots.


We listened to Hillary and the Democrats in Congress rant for four years that President Trump is an illegitimate president. The Democrat leftists tormented him, with Democrats constantly accusing him of colluding with Russia. They put him through a nearly four-year probe and then impeached him over a fraudulent claim by an anonymous source. They did a lot more to hurt him and his family, of course.

The same authoritarian Democrats have promised to pursue him after January criminally. They don’t have a crime, but this is what totalitarians do. Read about Lavrentiy Beria, and you will recognize some of these losers.

Now, they are outraged that he could tell Maria Bartiromo today on Sunday Morning Futures that the election was a fraud. There is plenty of evidence that it was. It has yet to be adjudicated. Even the ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court refused to consider the issue of constitutionality. Instead, they just said the Trump Campaign filed too late.

Every Interview of Democrats, Especially Barack and Senile Joe Are Softball

After all the constant softball interviews of Democrats, especially senile Joe, who never had to answer a tough question, they are furious over Ms. Bartiromo’s ‘softball interview.’

We have to listen to ‘you can keep your doctor’ liar Barack Obama spew hate on TV day after day without a word of pushback, but President Trump can’t express his opinion. Everything they disagree with is a ‘lie,’ according to them. Most of the time, it’s an opinion. Americans used to be entitled to opinions.

The media has attacked the president 24/7, but they are now accusing Ms. Bartiromo of being a North Korean reporter because she allowed the president to let off steam instead of interrupting him. He has the right, and this election is suspect.

80 million people voted for a senile hack and his communist running mate when they couldn’t even draw more than 20 people to a rally???


This is the reaction from the communistic smear merchants media matters:

Aaron Rupar, of the communistic VOX dot com, was his usual, typical self:

This is Rupar trashing Trump for doing what he is doing. She is an NK reporter? No, that would be our so-called mainstream media:

Far-far-left Ahmed here of RanttMedia:

This WSJ guy insults all Trump supporters as morons — it’s always been about all of us on the right, not Trump. It’s just that Trump is easy to attack, at times through his own fault with imprecise language and sometimes foolish remarks.

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