Dems raid whistleblower’s office claiming she tampered with voting machines


While Colorado Clerk Tina Peters was traveling to Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, Mesa County, she was startled to learn her office was being raided by the state’s radical, far-left Secretary of State, who did have a search warrant. Dominion was also in Ms. Peters’ office for hours.

Peters was described as a”whistleblower” guest speaker at My Pillow guy’s Cyber Symposium. Last January 3, Peters tweeted from her personal Twitter account that local elections are unsafe, insecure, and easy to hack. That tweet appears to be deleted.

Peters posted the Tweet “as the one that administers elections in my county.” She said that one can count ballots that favor a certain candidate more than once, or how it is possible to “change algorithm in a voting machine.”

Jena Griswold

Soros-backed Jena Griswold, who has banned forensic audits of election results, declared 2020 was the most secure election of our times.

However, she made it a crime to verify that.

Griswold waited until Peters left and claimed she suspected a “security protocol breach” in the electronic voting systems. She is intent on protecting Democrats in elections. Allegedly, it is part of a criminal investigation.

There was an alleged leak of passwords but Clerk Peters maintains her innocence and claims that any leak would have had to come from the Secretary of State. “These just happen to be passwords that only the Secretary of State has,” said Peters.

Ms. Peters said Griswold is trying to frame her.


Dominion Voting Systems followed this up by filing a lawsuit against OAN and Newsmax.

Dominion was obviously angry that both tv channels broadcast the symposium which was dealing with possible fraud or errors in their voting machines. Dominion wants 1.6 billion in damages because these networks discussed the allegations against their company.

News networks are allowed to cover the news and that is news. Free speech in this country is under assault from Democrats.


Last week, the Dominion Voting Systems instruction manual leaked. It proved that anyone can, with a few clicks, access the machine’s “BIOS.” The BIOS allows administrator access. Anyone can turn on the networking card, allowing hackers to access the machines and potentially manipulate results.

We didn’t know who leaked the instructions, but they proved that when Dominion Voting Systems executives testified under oath that their machines could not connect to the internet, they were lying.

Their own instructions explain how to turn on the network cards in their machines on and off.

A seemingly desperate Colorado Secretary of State is investigating Mesa County’s Clerk, likely in connection with this leak. Instead of prosecuting the Dominion executives for lying when they claimed the machines cannot connect to the internet, Democrats are circling the wagons and punishing anyone who exposes the lies.

This is what they did to David Daleiden when he exposed Planned Parenthood as a baby parts mill. they charged him with crimes and ignored the actual crimes by Planned Parenthood.


Democrats have continually mobilized and sued at the state level to stall and block election audits. In Maricopa County, they flat-out refuse to comply with the subpoena.

Democrats in Pennsylvania are threatening to cut counties’ funding if they comply with the state legislature’s upcoming audit.

In Wisconsin, the Democrat Governor told counties to ignore the subpoenas from the state legislature’s election audit.

Every time an election audit gains ground at the state level, Democrat Governors, County Officials, Secretaries of State, and Judges intervene to stop it.

In the meantime, we are losing our country.


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2 years ago

According to Gateway Pundit one of Lindell’s cyber expert hacker team bailed at the last minute and denounces the China hack theory. Well, I’ll admit the “China hack” theory didn’t sound too plausible. This article leads one to think the terabytes of data is suspect also as the name Dennis Montgomery is brought up. What little I could determine on the screen was a stream of Hex Data, which doesn’t tell anything. It sounded like Lindell was claiming his data came from one of the Election Night Reporting centers, but he hasn’t given specifics of how that data was obtained. So, after two days I haven’t seen anything compelling enough to convince the public.

2 years ago

These dirty Dhimmi csuckers are going down (not in a good way) and they are throwing little girl hissy fits. We the people have presented real evidence of their coup d’etat which is a Capitol crime deserving of capitol punishment. They are now doing what all trapped Rats do. Squirming and screaming. The only good Rat is a …..
….well you know.

2 years ago

Has Shiva’s site reached capacity, or has some Government actors interfering with the site. I would suspect the latter, considering what the reports have detailed. I was only able to get One document.

2 years ago

HOLY CRAP! What Dr. Shiva is covering in his presentation is EXPLOSIVE, to put it mildly.

White Hat
White Hat
2 years ago

Hacking instructions right in the manual, Port 21 and the NETBIOS port are hacker’s best friends.
Fortify that democracy, fortify it good and hard.
Of course the clueless and the useful wouldn’t know how to “fortify” a machine in the first place.