GRAPH: How the Most Powerful Branch of Government Could Control U.S. Public Policy


GRAPH: How the Most Powerful Branch of Government Could Control U.S. Public Policy

Hypothetically, of course.

If you haven’t read the thought-provoking series of articles on the intel community (IC) at The Conservative Treehouse, they are quite important (intropart 1part 2, and part 3). These articles inspired Biff Spackle to illustrate the new power structure in the United States if the IC is indeed as corruptible and uncontrolled as it appears (click the image to zoom in).

Now, some discussion points/questions for consideration:
  1. First, what role, if any, has IC leverage over media (e.g., the intimidation of Tucker Carlson through illegal unmasking and leaks) played in the tidal waves of false reporting since 2015 (e.g., Hunter Biden coverup, zoonotic Covid origin, Russian bounties, et al.)?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much control does the IC have over the notoriously corrupt Biden family?
  3. Yes or no: did the lack of any leverage over a seemingly incorruptible Trump help result in the Russia Collusion Hoax, etc.?
  4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much leverage does the IC hold over the Judiciary? Controversial examples include Chief Justice Roberts’s bizarre Obamacare reversal (changing his vote at the last minute) or Judge Boasberg’s suspicious handling of FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith’s admitted crimes?
  5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much control does CCP exert over Big Tech (Twitter example: a brand new CCP bot account named @DrJialun, with 63 followers, received a blue check hours after being created)?

An astute commenter clarifies how potential spying on various individuals inside and outside government could lead to a serious imbalance in Constitutional power.

Sex tapes. Financial scandals. Access to or denial of access to both campaign finance money and personal finance. Access to or denial of access to insider deals based on inside information. Friendly or hostile press. Also, outright bribes and outright [physical] threats.

The question remains: are there any lawful remedies that could rein in this kind of untenable situation?

One: For instance, could a group of state attorneys general subpoena the head of the NSA — and other actors — for possible Fourth Amendment violations in their states)?

Two: Civil suits by those egregiously abused (e.g., Carter Page, Tucker Carlson, George Papadopoulos, and many others) by out-of-control actors?

Any other lawful and peaceful ideas are most welcome in the comments.

And if I happen to disappear tomorrow without notice, please let the indispensable Julie Kelly know.



  1. Comrade kommissar Roberts Epstein island?
    Not sure which is why there is a question mark.
    An illegitimate government of fortified nomenklatura apparatchiks is something to turn your back on and walk away.
    What happens if some states decertify the election as there are www pages saying it could come to pass?
    The goal is a controlled demolition wipeout of the republic to fold it into the world order and it started before the Long March.
    Worldwide communism is the overall plan and they have studied us well to find our weak points such as comfort and safety über alles, crass materialism, hivemind groupthink social media, wild techno triumphalist fantasies of flying cars and easy living along with the most worthless government that money can buy.

  2. When the hell are the people of this country going to wake the hell up and grow a spine. The most powerful branch of govt is not the executive, judicial, or legislative branches, it’s the fourth branch.,its you the people, you know, THE ONES THAT CREATED IT. All branches of this off the rails govt I continue and increase their asinine behavior because YOU, the CREATORS, let them get away with it. It is not that hard to figure out….

  3. The events of the last 5 years give much credence to the diagram. We already knew of the IC ties to the media, since the 70s. They were close partners in the coups against Trump. Disinformation from the media smelled of Intel, and had similarities to the propaganda our Intel used to stage coups in other nations. Intel was involved in the Russia frame operation on Trump, it created the operation, there was too much partnership of the media on it to be innocent. The complete lack of oversight by congress to the DOJ & Intel was more than suspicious. Congress has a Constitutional responsibilty to oversee those agencies, and it did not, amidst vast indications of abuse. Of course the ties of Biden & Mitch to China are udeniable. The judiciary and DOD now seem to ne infiltrated, completing the diagram.

  4. Remember Chuck “Today Georgia Tomorrow the World” saying that the intelligence (LOL!) community has nine ways to Sunday to get back at you.
    I knew that state trooper was on intel the other night and made sure to insert my own.
    Karens are apopleptic about Viking beard walk and call all the time.
    I let him know about the new jacks moving in and thinking that the place was built just last week for them and one particular trouble spot up front with beer and weed smell all the time and car windows smashed out for stereo speakers.
    BTW-I’ve had family members who were LEO and don’t have an automatic dislike of them.

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