Dems running for office in rural areas hide their party


Democrats allowed themselves to become the party of AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, Ayanna, Antifa, BLM, Dementia Joe, defunding the police, bashing white people, so they now have to hide their party affiliation in rural areas.

They are allegedly doing exactly that, and some are running on a Republican agenda.

Democrats apparently believe rural voters won’t be able to figure out that they’re Democrats. Alexi McCammond reported at Axios:

“A growing swath of House Democratic candidates says the party needs to radically improve its heartland appeal to have any hope of keeping power in Washington.”

What we’re hearing: Democratic strategists are advising candidates in states like these to refrain from “fancy” language, and focus on populist economic policies. [that would be Republican ideas — pretend you’re a Republican]

    • Several consultants insisted that Democratic policies — on labor rights, broadband, climate, and infrastructure — are popular in rural areas. It’s the messaging that’s causing heartburn.

Case in point: In Montana, where Republicans have held the state’s only U.S. House seat since 1997, Democrat Monica Tranel is seeking a second seat Montana is picking up from new census results. Her ad declares: “So many people I grew up with don’t vote for Democrats anymore.”

    • “They feel like Democrats look down on rural America,” she says.

Oh so, why would they think that? Maybe because they just told the candidates not to use ‘fancy’ language. That’s not condescending at all.

No dopes, the problem is they do know what your ‘fancy’ language means.

Democrats seem to think people are stupid based on demographics and if they vote for Donald Trump [who served as a very traditional president]. That’s 74 million Americans they’re dissing and they aren’t all in rural areas.

Socialists and communists run as Democrats. Maybe that’s the party’s problem?

Democrats might not have to hide their affiliation because they can cheat during the endless Election Days.

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2 years ago

Progressives, Democrats, Communists, Socialists, NAZIs, and many Republican politicians think we are stupid and cannot make decisions on our own. Especially if you live in fly over country.

The reason I added NAZI is chronicled here:

Desmond Is Q
Desmond Is Q
2 years ago

20 people might show up if there is some incentive with free stuff just like the Uncle Joe or Shrillary shindigs out in flyover land.
You don’t fool Country Strong people with yellow rain on the leg.