Adam Corolla on Cali’s go ahead and loot laws


California’s Prop 47 allows stealing up to $950 at a time. There is no point in calling the police. The crooks are going into stores with calculators to make certain they keep it at or under $950 each time. Often they can be seen on the next block selling the goods they just stole.

Criminal gangs now send in teams, each crook with a calculator.

What confuses me is why do lawmakers and prosecutors think they have the right to give away other peoples’ property to criminals? This is anarchy brought to you by the Democrat Party.




  1. Remember property is theft to the Long March fellow traveler comrades.
    Useful idiots are going to love the co-op with equality of rations for all in the unity collective.
    There are some hidden vodka rations behind tractor barn number 6. (h/t-Kommissar Vodkov)

    O/T-Reading about some kernels and nuggets of truth coming out of left leaning news sources with reports of 1970’s inflation that will be long term, return of misery index, highest building materials, gas and grocery prices in almost a decade.

  2. Whatever happened to Citizens shooting criminals? Maybe defunding police is a good idea. Then there won’t be anyone to protect criminals and politicians. In rural America we don’t have many Police, criminals know there is no one to protect them so they go to the cities to commit crime.

  3. Californicatia has got to be the largest insane asylum in the world. I’ll be curious to see what happens when these dregs go on Rodeo Dr. and Beverly Hills to do their shopping.

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