Dems Said They Knew Spending Would Spur Inflation! Okay Then


House Democrat Whip Jim Clyburn admitted that Democrats knew their wild spending spree would spur inflation. In other words, their promise that the Inflation Reduction Act would reduce inflation was a lie. It was a lie when they said The American Rescue Act would help the economy and the American people.

Democrats hope you won’t remember what they said to get you to go along. Watch Mr. Clyburn admit it.

It doesn’t end there. The college loan giveaway at taxpayer expense will also spur on inflation, but the White House has a new spin on it.

Watch as he repeats what he’s been told to say:

Biden claimed the Inflation Reduction Act was meant to reduce the deficit to pay for the college loan giveaway. That was never said, and it is a convenient invention to cover for another failure.

The White House walked back Biden’s claim about passing student loan forgiveness “by a vote or two.” They claim he was referring to the IRA, which reduced the deficit to generate savings to pay for student loan cancellation.

At no time during the debate on the Inflation Reduction Act did Biden state that any deficit reduction would be used to pay for student loan forgiveness. The cynically-named Inflation Reduction Act does many things, but none that reduces inflation. Most of it’s a giveaway to donors, like climate activists.

Indeed, Karine Jean-Pierre said that college giveaways were paid for by the great work Joe “has done with the economy.” [Does she mean the part where he spurs on inflation?]

He also said it was a law passed by a vote or two. It wasn’t a law. It was an executive order. That seems important. And it looks UNCONSTITUTIONAL, which is why it was paused by the court.

By the way, something does have to be done about the high cost of college, but making it easier to raise costs with free government money is not the answer. But rather, it is the main cause of the increasing tuition. It will spur more wasteful spending by the colleges and universities.

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