Dems: Stack or gut the Court so we can do anything we want


I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

~ Thomas Jefferson

Joe Biden has written an executive order to form a commission to study a problem in the Supreme Court that doesn’t exist. The commission is comprised of liberals/leftists and is merely cover for a plan he fully intends to implement, whether it be to stack the Court or gut it.

The decision is made and the commission will come to the foregone conclusion.

Biden is doing everything a common dictator would do. he plans to make the one body that protects our civil rights into just another Democrat legislative body. Once he stacks or guts the Court, Democrats will be free to trample all of our rights and freedoms.

When liberals/leftists can’t get what they want, they destroy it.

Remember when he was on the campaign trail and he said we don’t deserve to know if he is going to stack the court? It’s clear why he said it.

Remember when Biden knew the Court should not be stacked because it compromises the Court’s independence?

Even Harry Reid thinks stacking the Court is going too far.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on stacking the Court:

Leader McConnell’s statement.

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