Dems to give amnesty, path to citizenship to millions next week


A federal judge shut down the DACA amnesty program – at least until the appeal, and that is good news. Unfortunately, there is bad news too.

Leftists and Establishment Republicans are rushing to save the amnesty program by permanently writing it into US law.

The Soviet-by-birth ACLU released a statement immediately after the court ruling was published demanding that Congress take action to make Obama’s amnesty program permanent.

“It is absolutely urgent that Congress acts now through the budget reconciliation process to provide Dreamers and other undocumented members of our communities with reliable status and a pathway to citizenship.”

That Is What Democrats Plan to Do

Every fiscal year, Senators are allowed to pass one budget bill into law by bypassing the filibuster. The massive 3+ trillion — which is actually 4+ or more — spending package that Democrats are preparing will include their mass amnesty bill.

Democrats now have the votes to pass it. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced that he support the plan to add amnesty to the filibuster-proof budget bill.

The only Democrat who hasn’t publicly come out in support of this plan is Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema.

If this passes, it is all over for our two-party system — it will be a one-party system. With few exceptions, all illegal aliens in the country at the time the bill is passed would receive amnesty, work permits, and a pathway to US citizenship.

The aliens will overwhelmingly vote for the communistic Democrats.


THe CBP reports that a million illegal aliens have illegally entered the United States so far this year alone. They would all become US citizens if the Democrats get their way.

The bill includes DACA, temporary fugitives, farm workers, and so on.

All the illegals will say they are farm workers.

We don’t know how many illegal aliens are living here or how many will be covered but it will be millions. They will decide the country’s future, not Americans.

We know that the Democrats’ plan even gives amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to illegal aliens with several criminal convictions. Illegal aliens can go to prison twice and still qualify for amnesty. Illegal aliens who have gone to prison three or four times would be able to apply for an exception.

Democrats welcome criminals and especially drunk drivers. MADD, where are you?

We knew this was coming. We knew that we would face a fight. It’s now an emergency. Since Judge Hanen shut down the amnesty program, Democrats and Establishment Republicans are desperately rushing to push it through. They know what they are doing is illegal.

Demographics have permanently altered the American landscape because mass, unvetted immigration without time for assimilation destroys nations. It’s especially bad when the invaders come for freebies or to commit crimes.

People are coming in from 160 countries — unvetted! A lot of the rise in crime is by illegal aliens. They are filling up our prisons.

What happens in the next week will determine the future of this country. It will determine whether Democrats are able to pack the voter rolls with tens of millions of illegal aliens.

The Parliamentarian could reject it — pray.

Call your congressmen.


Democrats love to talk about democracy, yet they have little interest in it. They are authoritarian by nature.

Politico reports:

The plan, still in the draft stage, would create a pathway to citizenship for certain undocumented groups, such as Dreamers who were brought to the U.S. as children and farmworkers already living here. Many Democrats, including the Hispanic Caucus, are also pushing for “essential workers,” including health workers during the pandemic, to receive green cards under the bill.

Do Americans really want an authoritarian government run by Democrats who promote socialism?

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