What the MSM won’t tell you! Stalinism hits France and the people revolt


Have you heard about the French rioting and protesting throughout the nation over the Draconian laws and demands for a vaccine passport? Our media is ignoring the news because they don’t want to give Americans any ideas.

French President Macron issues six-month prison decrees for entering a bar or restaurant without a vaccine passport. Proprietors who allow the unvaccinated into their establishments face a one-year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.

Candace Owens wrote on Twitter: Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, and Joe Biden are all in it together. Using fear to force vaccinations and vaccine passports was always the goal. They are evil, totalitarian leaders and I am so glad Western citizens are waking up the madness. Keep going, France!

These leftists don’t care what the people think. They are the authoritarians, not Donald Trump. Macron won’t let his people do anything without a vaccine passport.

There were massive protests on Bastille Day.

They Are Militant Because They Don’t Have the Vaccine and the Laws Are Too Crazy Even for the Very Liberal French




  1. The globalists expect the useless eaters to get restless which is why they built up the security state apparatus and this was long before the rogue agents in Cincinnati.
    I hope those extra big ass teevees and radial tires are all that and a cherry on top.
    Laugh at the cheese eating surrender monkeys all you want, they will take their country back before we ever do.

  2. Macron is head of the neo-Vichy government of France collaborating with his “Great Reset” fascist masters in Berlin & Davos…

  3. I have to say some of thyis footage is NOT from yesterday. The “riot” cop that fell over the cement bench is from 2 months ago. Fake news alert. Beware.

    • Good show! I’ve been aware for quite some time that many in the conservative media are busy developing dogmas that we’re all supposed to blindly follow and that they’ll distort fact to manipulate us.

    • With all the corruption explicity visibe in the US these days anti-Covid vaccinations would be the stupidest and least tenable hill on which to take a stand and emerge ‘victorious’. It wouldn’t even have anywhere near a majority of conservative support.

    • Bruce, very true. Their only interest in these ‘pressing gossipy issues ‘ is a diversion by design, meant to protect Republitwots from confronting any ‘ real ‘ issues that make them scared and risk losing their precious perks wining and dining with the Elite in the Wash DC Bubble.
      ….like, ‘ I’m doing all I can to champion Britney Spears and other divas just like her ! Am I brave and courageous or what ! ‘ … remember to Vote4Me, I have courage and will FIGHT 4 U !
      See, even the Republitwats have control over the media.

  4. President Macron Will call in the Germans to put down the rebellion and the French will surrender to the Germans. That will be the Official start of World War III. I used to make jokes about this, but it’s not funny anymore.

  5. I wonder when famous American underground cartoonists like Gilbert Shelton and Robert Crumb who moved to France in the early 1990s, will realize they made one of the biggest mistakes of their life’s and get out.

  6. I live in italy, and our fascist overlords have now hesitated before illegally decreeing the same. France, Greece, the UK are on fire these days. As Q said years ago, it’s The Great Awakening!

  7. Oh sure. They’ve got a welcome illegal male migrants program, overrun with jihadis-in-waiting but –OMG!–getting vaccinated against a virus is the REAL conspiracy. Where I live it’s the left that believes this stuff about the vaccines, in other parts it’s a percentage of the conservatives who have, at long last, found an issue worthy of revolt. Which goes to demonstrate each side can be, perhaps equally easily, manipulated if an idea is stupid enough.

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