What the MSM won’t tell you! Stalinism hits France and the people revolt


Have you heard about the French rioting and protesting throughout the nation over the Draconian laws and demands for a vaccine passport? Our media is ignoring the news because they don’t want to give Americans any ideas.

French President Macron issues six-month prison decrees for entering a bar or restaurant without a vaccine passport. Proprietors who allow the unvaccinated into their establishments face a one-year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.

Candace Owens wrote on Twitter: Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, and Joe Biden are all in it together. Using fear to force vaccinations and vaccine passports was always the goal. They are evil, totalitarian leaders and I am so glad Western citizens are waking up the madness. Keep going, France!

These leftists don’t care what the people think. They are the authoritarians, not Donald Trump. Macron won’t let his people do anything without a vaccine passport.

There were massive protests on Bastille Day.

They Are Militant Because They Don’t Have the Vaccine and the Laws Are Too Crazy Even for the Very Liberal French


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