Dems Turn US Labor Market Into a “Temp Agency” for Foreigners


Half of the abysmal job ‘growth’ went to immigrants, including illegal immigrants.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the foreign-born population filled 840,000 new jobs over the last seven months.

The overall labor force participation rate declined to 62.5% compared to 62.7% for April. The pre-pandemic level was 63.3%.

“Nearly half of all job growth since October can be attributed to various immigrant groups, including illegal immigrants, showing a far weaker economy than suggested,” the Republican-led House Budget Committee said.

Economist E.J. Antoni: All of the net job growth over the last year has gone to foreign-born workers (a category which the Labor Dept. admits includes illegal aliens).

We lost 750,000 jobs in just two months. We only added part-time jobs and foreigners are getting them. Americans are losing jobs.

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